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Who heads Alkarama?


The Alkarama Foundation is headed its Council, which guides the organisation towards achieving its goals. The executive, appointed by the Council, coordinates manages and directs the work of Alkarama's different teams and country offices.


The Council

Abdul Rahman Omeir Al Naimi (President of the Council)

A Qatari history professor at the University of Doha, Dr Al Naimi has participated in the creation of a number of humanitarian and human rights organizations, as well as research institutes, in the Arab World.

Abbas Aroua (Secretary of the Council)

Holder of a PhD in Medical Physics, Abbas Aroua is an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Medecine of Lausanne University and a renowned Algerian expert on humanitarian affairs, human rights, conflict resolution and dialogue among civilizations. He has contributed to numerous works, conferences and publications on these subjects. He is also a founding member of the Hoggar Institute (www.hoggar,org) and the Cordoba Foundation (www.cordoue.ch).

Khalifa Mohamed Rabban (Member of the Council)

A Qatari businessman, Mr Al Rabban is active in a number of humanitarian, charity and human rights organizations.

Ahcene Kerkadi (Member of the Council)

A dentist by trade, Dr Kerkadi is of Algerian origin and was elected to the municipality of his town in 1990. Holding political refugee status in Switzerland since 1994, he has been active in a number of human rights initiatives and organizations, including Amnesty's Swiss section.


The Executive

Mourad Dhina (Executive Director)

Holder of a PhD in Particle Physics from MIT, Mourad Dhina joined a number of efforts to ensure the respect of human rights in Algeria during the 1990s, including the publication of testimonies of victims, the organising of conferences on the subject and working with various political actors to push for the establishment of the rule of law. In 2007, Dr Dhina was recruited to lead the growth and professionalise the organization when Alkarama was registered as a Foundation under Swiss law.

Rachid Mesli (Director, Legal Department)

A criminal lawyer from Algeria, Mr Mesli defended the rights of dozens of individuals subjected to grossly unfair trials during the crisis which broke out following the cancelling of the election process in the country in January 1992. Following 3 years of arbitrary detention by the Algerian authorities, which only ended following a major international campaign by NGOs including Amnesty International, Mr Mesli arrived in Geneva in 2000, founding Alkarama in 2004. He is currently responsible for the legal department, supervising the work of the regional legal officers and establishing the foundation's strategy for our the work on each country with the United Nations human rights protection mechanisms.

Kuwait - HR Instruments

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)

ICCPR: Accessed on 21.05.1996
Optional Protocol: No

State report: Due 02.11.2014 (3rd)
Last concluding observations: 22.12.2011

Convention against Torture (CAT)

CAT: Accessed on 08.03.1996
Optional Protocol: No
Art. 20 (Confidential inquiry): No
Art. 22 (Individual communications): No

Next State report: Due on 03.06.2015 (3rd)
Last concluding observations: 28.06.2011

International Convention for the Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearance (CED)


Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

Last review: 05.2010 (1st cycle)
Next review: 2015 (2nd cycle)

National Human Rights Institution (NHRI)