Egypt: Authorities Sentence Morsi and Staff Despite UN Opinion Asking For Release

Communiqués | 23 April 2015

On 22 April 2015, Alkarama sent a follow-up communication to the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) regarding the sentencing, on 21 April 2015, of Mohamed Morsi and members of his staff to 20 years in prison, despite an Opinion adopted by the WGAD on 13 November 2013 finding "the deprivation of liberty of Dr. Morsi and his advisors mentioned above is arbitrary." The Opinion followed an urgent appeal sent by Alkarama on 15 July 2013 in which Alkarama considered the arrest of Mohamed Morsi and his team as a violation, not only of their right to liberty and security, but also of their right to fair trial procedures, and called upon the WGAD to intervene to protect them from torture and secure their release.

Egypt: Student Arbitrarily and Secretly Detained for Political Reasons

Communiqués | 20 April 2015

On 17 April 2015, Alkarama sent a communication to the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) regarding the arbitrary detention of Ahmed Magdy Atya Alwahsh, a 23-year-old student at Mansoura University who was arrested in March 2014. Secretly detained and tortured in retaliation for his affiliation to the Muslim Brotherhood, Ahmed has still not been presented to a judge, more than a year after his arrest.

Iraq: Father and Son Abducted in the Rural City of Mahmoudiyah, South of Baghdad

Communiqués | 17 April 2015

On 14 April 2015, Alkarama and Al Wissam Humanitarian Assembly sent an urgent action to the United Nations Committee of Enforced Disappearance (CED) regarding the disappearance of 29-year-old Yasser AbdelKarim Aswad Al Janabi, abducted by the military in June 2014, as well as a communication to the UN Working Group on Enforced Disappearance (WGEID) regarding the disappearance of his father, AbdelKarim Aswad Khodair Salman Al Janabi,arrested by the Federal Police in 2006. Despite taking various actions with the relevant national institutions regarding Yasser's disappearance over 10 months ago, his family hasn't been able to retrieve any information about him. Worried that both son and father could be tortured during their secret detention, their relatives contacted Alkarama and Al Wissam Humanitarian Assembly to refer their case to the UN human rights protection mechanisms.

Egypt: Abdallah Hussein Released; Hundreds Still Disappeared

Communiqués | 17 April 2015

Alkarama welcomes the release, on 17 April 2015, of Abdallah Anwar Ahmed Hussein, a 56-year-old worker and father of three who had disappeared since his arrest by police officers three weeks earlier. Abdallah was released by the Egyptian authorities in the streets of Cairo around 1am and was able to contact his son who brought him back home. Still under the shock, Abdallah was not able to say where he had been detained in secret, but his relatives reported that his body bore signs of torture and ill-treatment.

Iraq: Riad Al Obeidi Set Free After 10 Months in Secret Detention Centre in Baghdad

Communiqués | 16 April 2015

On 15 April 2015, Riad Abdel Majeed Al Obeidi was freed after 10 months of detention in the secret facility of the old Muthanna airport in Western Baghdad. Alkarama and Al Wissam Humanitarian Assembly had solicited the urgent intervention of the United Nations Committee on Enforced Disappearances (CED) on Al Obeidi's behalf three months after his abduction, leading to his successful release. As a State party to the 2006 International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearances (ICPPED) since 2010, Iraq must respond to the CED's urgent requests for information on the situation of a disappeared person.

Saudi Arabia: Waleed Abu Al Khair - 1 Year of Arbitrary Detention for Defending the Rights and Freedoms of his Compatriots

Communiqués | 15 April 2015

Today marks a year of arbitrary detention of the Saudi lawyer and human rights defender, Waleed Abu Al Khair. His family launches a Twitter campaign at 6pm advocating for his release.

On 6 July 2014 the Specialised Criminal Court sentenced Waleed Abu Al-Khair to 15 years of imprisonment and to a 200,000-riyal fine in accordance with Article 21 of the law on crimes of terrorism. Amongst others, he was accused of: "hurting the state legitimacy," "disturbing public order and diminishing the judiciary," "publicly defaming in the judiciary and discrediting Saudi Arabia by alienating international organisations against the Kingdom," making statements and releasing documents "to harm the reputation of the Kingdom," and of being part of an unauthorised association, being its chairman and speaking on its behalf.

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